Who the Fuck Wrote That?

I’m 1 in approx 6 729 979 957 human beings on earth at this moment, and still figuring out who I am and what is my purpose here?

Welcome to a piece of my brain, the one that keeps me up at night, that only wants to say out loud what people keep to them selfves. My plan, tell everything without holding back about the ruff, the good and the stupid stuff in my everyday life.

I’m full of contradictions and you may feel disturbed or just think I’m completly crazy. Please don’t judge me since this is only a piece of me.

With time I love being alone with my thoughts. I dont have a need for superficial people or things. I like to be a mystery and I don’t know anyone who really knows who I am. I’m a dreamer, but no easily fooled. I often make whishes mostly to challenge myself to make them come true. I’m an over analyser and ask a millions questions, only to learn something everyday. I love my ipod so much I would just kiss the inventor and one thing that probably will never change is that I’m always there for the ones I care about.

Let the liberation Begin!


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