Birthday Sore

Monday early morning 2 am…

I’m 32 today! I hate my birthday… that and christmas… the obligations, the waiting, the deceptions, the uncontrolloble emotions that come with it… I can dose my emotions better with time except on these days. Here I am awake crying my heart out in a damp basement, like every year…I wish I could sleep this hole day away. I don’t even know why I cry thats the frustrating part. My alarm is set to ring in 3h and 45mins what a beautiful day lies ahead…. Again I won’t be able to see my kids untill 6h30 tonight …. submerged with monstrous amounts of work waiting fo me on my desk… I keep thinking of my dad and his famous saying « go to your happy place » and even thought Disney World is mine I would probably still end up crying.

If I have one wish to make on the cake I will not have again this year… it’s to make this day as bearable a possible… I honestly don’t have time to deal with all this emotionnal crap….

Here’s to getting rid of bottled up shit, runny nose and frog eyes…



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